About Jemmstone Holdings

Who We Are

Jemmstone Holdings operates throughout the United States, with active marijuana operations in Colorado and California and planned investments in Florida and multiple other states.

Our goal is to help companies create the safest and purest products available to consumers – every time.  We own and invest in companies that create products free of dangerous chemicals and pesticides.  We study the impact of our agricultural practices on the surrounding wildlife and ecosystems.

Our seed bank and breeding center in Colorado is building out a new facility we expect to come online in early 2020.  In addition, we’re bringing new THC options to market – with a broader spectrum of cannabinoid products.


In 2012, Colorado became the first state to end marijuana prohibition with passage of Amendment 64.  Jemmstone is in the initial phase of opening a new facility that we hope will come online in early 2020.  Our research facility and grow will provide consulting services and cannabis products to customers in Colorado.


In 2016, voters overwhelmingly approved Amendment 2, which legalized medical marijuana in Florida.  With an office in Tallahassee and intended cultivation and processing center in the panhandle, Jemmstone will submit a strong application to the Florida Department of Health. We fully expect to be awarded a license to operate in Florida following the release of the MMTC license applications.  We continue to push for the full and fair implementation of Amendment 2 as an intervenor in the Florigrown litigation now before the Florida Supreme Court.


Florida’s Office of Medical Marijuana Use, part of the Department of Health, regulates medical marijuana and manages the Medical Marijuana Use Registry. The office also licenses businesses that grow, process, and sell medical marijuana to patients in the registry. Only qualified ordering physicians may diagnose patients and decide if medical marijuana is appropriate for the individual patient. Such physicians write recommendations, not prescriptions.

Many people have difficulty navigating the highly regulated medical marijuana market in Florida. The Florida Office of Medical Marijuana Use website can be found at www.floridahealth.gov. The site lists many helpful questions and answers.



Chief Operations Officer

Brett joined the marijuana industry in 2010 and worked his way up to become a General Manager. In 2014, he founded Sherpa Supply, a wholesale distribution company. Brett led Sherpa Supply to become the exclusive distribution channel for Tommy Chong’s brand “Chong’s Choice Colorado.”  

In 2016, he founded Cultured Genetics, a tissue culture and high CBD genetics company focused on the burgeoning hemp industry.  Brett spent the next 3 years focused on the hemp industry and high CBD genetics, and consulting with various companies. Brett’s  knowledge of genetics, cultivation, extraction, product manufacturing, and distribution, makes him a tremendous asset to Jemmstone.


Director of Dispensary Operations

Sabrina holds a bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry and a minor in Chemistry. She began working in the marijuana industry in 2010 as an entry-level dispensary sales associate while attending the University of Colorado. After receiving a promotion to upper-management, Sabrina expanded her portfolio to include supervision of grow and extraction facilities and implementation of Standard Operating Procedures at multiple locations.

In 2014, Sabrina oversaw integration of recreational cannabis sales and production into a previously medical-only business.

 In 2019, Sabrina became Director of Dispensary Operations for Jemmstone and relocated to Venice, California.


Director of Cultivation

Jeff is a master grower with a broad range of experience in all phases of commercial growing. His marijuana industry experience includes over 15 years of growing, with 10 years as a head grower in commercial indoor and commercial outdoor/greenhouse environments. 

Jeff has extensive experience designing, implementing, and managing large-scale indoor and outdoor grow operations.  He has deep experience in hydroponics, deep water culture, seed propagation, Mother plant husbandry, breeding, and harvesting. Jeff’s proven track record of growing award-winning marijuana is second to none in the marijuana industry.